Castle Island – Boston Harbour

This brings me to my ongoing quest to be a ‘blogger’ with a worldwide audience(!), and the effort to be your ‘trip adviser’ for one day.

For the past three weeks, we had the awesome pleasure of six little persons visiting us from three different states, in the forms of Sophia, Lily, Liam, Mia, Laila, and Nora.

They accompanied us to a few local spots, one of them ‘castle island’, right in the Boston harbour. most notable to me, because in the more than 4 decades of our existence in Boston, we’ve never been to this place. At first pass, it’s a just very nice beach with a distinctive New England flavor.

However, although it’s called an island, it’s not ferried, which makes it for a quicker reach. It also means, I can leave home without my Dramamine. It’s connected to the (in)famous Southie by a causeway. I wonder if Sri Raman, his ‘annan kunju’, and Hanuman provided the prototype for its architecture!

The island beach is formed into many alcoves, offers long walk paths along the edge of the water, a shaded area with park benches, a well-furbished kiddie playground, a shack called Sullivan’s that serves classic American fare, including that must-have summer treat – lobster rolls. And listen to this, lots of free parking. Do we know of any Massachusetts beach that doesn’t charge a parking fee?

On a good day, it’s a half hour drive from our house. Just veg-out there in a beach chair, with a good book (i recommend reza aslan’s ‘Life And Times Of Jesus Of Nazareth’), and watch and listen to the jets roaring right overhead one per minute. you can almost touch the landing gear on them.

although one of our former governors bragged that the water in the Boston harbor is good enough for drinking, i’d advise against it.

so, take a trek out there. we still have a whole month left. and if you do make it, i’d love to hear about it, and while there, please say hello to Matt Damon and Ben affleck for me.

Happy sunday afternoon..


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