Nicholson Syrian Girls’ High School

Right from its initial years, many women speakers have made a great impact on the Maramon Convention. Mrs. F.S. Nicholson and Miss. S.C. McKibbin conducted special meetings and Bible classes for women during the convention in 1905. They are remembered for their devoted service to the women of Travancore, particularly in the education field. They established the prestigious Nicholson Syrian Girls Higher Secondary School and Training Home in 1910 at Kattode, Tiruvalla, Kerala.



MY SCHOOL! I am who I am, for better or for worse, in large part due to the vision of the two ladies mentioned in this article, one an affluent widow who wanted to use her inherited wealth for a cause she believed in deeply, namely girls’ education, and another one a single lady who shared a commitment to the same cause.

And our church, The Malankara Mar Thoma Church, was passionate enough in educating girls, to take up the project and ‘run with it’.

In my younger days, Nicholson Syrian Girls’ High School was one of the premier boarding schools for girls in Kerala. Thus my mother, my sister, one of my first cousins, and 2 of my aunts were all graduates of this great institution. I learned English grammar, using the ‘Wren and Martin’ Oxford grammar book in 1960. And if these two ladies spoke at the ‘Maramon’ convention, it was just all the more fitting of their personalities, and the innovative, and far-sighted character of our church. Thanks for the post, Das Athyal. The school was founded in 1910.


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